The countdown begins: Preparation and motivation

In twelve days I move to Switzerland. 12 days! Somehow it seems even sooner when it’s written in numerals. I’m really hoping that the impending volcanic eruption in Iceland holds off for another a couple of weeks – or until I’ve safely touched down on Swiss soil.

I’ve spent the past few months (read: the past few days) frantically preparing for The Big Move and now everything feels like it’s finally coming together, from flights to finances. Transport-wise, I’ll be flying to Geneva with EasyJet because I’m a cheapskate I simply adore budget travel. That said, a one-way flight from Manchester at a measly £27 is hardly pulling at the purse strings! On the subject of money, I’ve decided on using a Caxton FX currency card to manage my finances while in Europe. It can be topped up with my British bank account and used like a normal Visa card but without any international bank charges. Having had my debit card stopped last year while in Germany trying to book a flight (that’s another story), I’m really keen to make sure everything bank related is sorted before I head off. Anyway, enough of boring practicalities – back to the exciting stuff!

Without the rigidity of seminars and with the distraction of back-to-back episodes of The Jeremy Kyle Show, motivation can be at a low during the university holidays. This year, rather than trying to navigate Phèdre, I’ve turned to other highly academic (cough) resources to help keep my focus on French. These include the film Populaire, a romcom which tells the story of a typing contest in 1960’s France. Sounds enthralling, I know, but it’s surprisingly good and not just for the Frenchies in the household. I’ve also been trying to use YouTube productively by watching copious videos of Bradley Cooper interviews en français, like below. I make no apologies 🙂

Now it’s simply a case of ticking the days off on the calendar as I wait for September to eventually arrive. Hopefully the next time you’ll hear from me will be when I’m nestled in my new home on the shores of Lake Geneva. À bientôt!


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